Who, What?

Genevieve Barbee-Turner is an artist and illustrator working under the banner of The AP Collection. She does this for two reasons:

  1. She creates artwork rooted in collected experiences from the people, places, and things she encounters.
  2. Her name is a bitch to both remember and spell for most folks.

Talking to people inspires her drawings, paintings, and prints. She regularly records interviews before creating her portraits, channeling their words in her work.

Since the tender age of two (at the displeasure of her parents) she has chatted easily with total strangers—interested in what they have to say and learning from everyone she meets (even if it's what not to do). She's learned a lot by letting others lead.

While The AP Collection is not overtly political in nature, the artist behind it and the people she collaborates with believe strongly that everyone has value and deserves an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable planet.

Real Life Stuff

Genevieve's experience in a pre-press department of an academic publisher, marketing, podcasting, curating exhibitions, and producing fine art culminate in an eclectic portfolio of audio and 2D production experience.

In 2015 she became an artist in residence at  Most Wanted Fine Art's Artist in Residence and a full member of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.

She has worked with Assemble, The Hill House Association, demaskus Theater Productions, Anchorspace, and Community Human Services.