The AP Collection creates community based illustration to document an area or population via visual based storytelling. Using creative strategies, The AP Collection also helps non-profits, small businesses, and others to connect with their audiences with their mission and who they serve.


My career so far has spanned across several non-profits in the Pittsburgh area.

I've been a

  • community organizer working in community based participatory research
  • manager of a food pantry and community programming, designed and painted a mural with attendees at an after-school program
  • typesetter and graphic designer for a professional association
  • managed marketing and communications for a local community development corporation
  • freelance illustrator

This diverse experience has informed my art practice and helped me build The AP Collection into a one stop shop for individuals and non-profits to put together creative strategies in communicating their mission with others. Whether it's graphics and copy for a social media campaign or a unique project to bring together those you serve to share their story—I love making art for a purpose with tireless non-profit unicorns.

See my resume for the full rundown.

Sharing the Mission of Community Human Services

TIme-lapse video of install of one piece into the stairwell of 2525 Liberty Avenue.

In February of 2016, The AP Collection interviewed ten people served by Community Human Services, asking each to share a talent of which they are most proud. Each person was illustrated, “doin’ their thing” in a series of ten original paintings. Those pieces were then collaged into the five murals up the main staircase at 2525 Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Everyone has a story and a talent. While each person interviewed for this project discussed something different, every talent inspires each person to be the best version of themselves. CHS helps people achieve the stability needed to make this possible. This project is part of a larger body of work entitled, That’s What You’re Good At­—a contemporary visual history of Pittsburgh, told through colorful and fantastic depictions of a slice of life from the people who live here.

A Contemporary History of People, Place, and Things in Pittsburgh, 2012-2016

Since 2012, I've had a few pet projects (the podcast and TWYGA). I've interviewed over 300 people and from those, five were chosen to represent these first five court cards of a deck. Each person’s suit and rank has been chosen to reflect both their personal accomplishments and their contribution to the community. They reflect the diverse communities within the city and the blend of old places and new ideas in Pittsburgh. Eventually there will be a full deck but for now you snag a print.

The Talented Women of Mount Desert Island

Local partner: YWCA of MDI

Even the simplest processes fascinate me, so I’m driven to illustrate even the most basic of tasks. It’s in these little daily routines of our lives that we carve out the individual story of us.

When I decided to bring this project to MDI, the factors were quite practical. I could get here easily and had a small but strong support base. My first champion was Nicole owner of Anchorspace and once there I had found a creative nest to set up shop. From there I sent out a call for women who lived on or near MDI who had a leadership role of some kind to discuss a particular talent they held. I left it to the individual to define what a “leadership role” was—from board member, educator, business owner, and full time mom.

Writing this down I realize how strange it all is, but despite that everyone who I’ve met since getting here embraced it whole-heartedly. Each woman’s interview went well beyond the 15 minute time frame allotted. They gave me more than stories of their myriad talents but shared the evolution of their own lives and the journeys they took to become examples of strength in the community. They were each filled with wisdom and answers to questions that I had been searching for.

After completing interviews I worked furiously to produce these images using an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil in four and half days. Thanks to assistance from Anchorspace, Acadia Frameworks, School Street Picture Framing, and these ten talented women, I’m excited to bring them to the MDI Community and beyond.

Work was on display at the YWCA of MDI from May 30th toJuly 31st, 2016. a portion ofproceeds from sales went to the YWCA and their mission to eliminate racism and empower women. Each piece came framed and is 20 x 24 inches.


Address: 36 Mt Desert St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 | Phone:(207) 288-5008

Work Nights at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Every second Thursday from 6-9PM, I interview and illustrate people and their talents at the Lawrenceville Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. If you want to chat +be drawn, contact the branch manager LeeAnn Anna at 412-682-3910 or and let her know if you can make to the next Work Night, (June 9th, 2016, 9:30–10PM).

As I finish them, they go here (and the interviewee gets emailed a copy).

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Miscellaneous Fun Stuff 


"FOLD is an open publishing platform with a unique structure that allows writers to add multimedia “context cards” to narrative text.

Writers can search for and add "context cards" to their stories directly within the platform. Readers click highlighted words inside of a narrative card to see the context. Context cards can contain everything from videos, maps, tweets, music, to free text and more."

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