Finder Quigley connects beautiful things with the people who love them. Through an ongoing series of ever-changing pop-up exhibitions, FQ builds an atmosphere where budding and established collectors alike can make a meaningful connection with the art on display. Each exclusive event is different, with a low-key atmosphere tailored to the event theme for an immersive experience that stands apart from the typical gallery crawl. Chat with artists and art collectors while browsing a variety of pieces ranging in price and size, lovingly packaged for buyers to take home that day.

Ask questions. Take your time.  Have a moment. That’s what Finder Quigley does.

2016 Events

You Wouldn't Expect | August Wilson Center on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 (tickets on sale soon, space limited)

Unnamed show in Summer 2016

Images from an event

The Name

Finder Quigley was created by Genevieve Barbee (aka The AP Collection) with the goal of coordinating chill events that connect creative makers and collectors. "Finder" was derived from the fictional  Finder Wyvenspur and his follower's mission to change and diversify the arts while "Quigley" has Gaelic origins related to spinning and weaving arts.